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Request A Quote: Weddings

Requested Information
This a No Obligation Quote, Did you book a venue?
What is the Function Date?
Estimated Guest Count?
Type Of Meal Requested

Start and End Time of Event? (A Rough Timeline is VERY Helpful)
The Bride and Grooms Name
Reception Name and Location Address
What are the Venue Requirements For the Caterer?

Is your reception Indoors or Outdoors?
Email Address?
Day & Evening Phone Numbers
Style Of Service For Meal?

Reception Colors and theme or feel?
At Reception Site: Where are Apps going to be located? Dinner? Cake?
Type Of Plates & Utensils For Dinner? (Check one)

Glassware? (check only your requirements, price is per piece)

BUDGET FOR Catering (Food/Bev/Desserts): A Range per person

Is there a Package you would like us to Quote? ( Very hard to quote without an idea of a menu)

Are you providing your own desserts? Do you need plastic or china serviceware?

Beverages Requested? (Some packages include some)

Bar Items To Quote: (NO alcohol, just items to go with a bar)

Bartender? (1 per 90 people reccomended)

Guest Table Linens & Linen Napkins Needed

Color Of Requested Tablecloths and Or Napkins?

Extra Table Linens Needed

For Additional Table Linens, Please list shape and size of the tables you will be using (not guest tables)
NOTES or Questions for your quote: