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but can be added to**

February and March Special

 March Madness                                                                     Groundhog Day

Assorted Subs                                                                          Meatloaf
              Red Potato Salad                                                          Mashed Potatoes with Gravy
 Pasta Faggioli Soup                                                                Baked Applesauce
 Assorted Cupcakes                                                                      Rice Krispies



     Touch of Irish                                                         Mardi Gras
            Corned Beef                                                           Chicken Gumbo
       Cole Slaw                                                                   White Rice
             Mini Pierogis                                                        Tossed Salad with

                            Layered Mint Chocolate Chip Trifle                          Diced Tomatoes, Mozzarella&  Olives

                                                                                           King Cake


Love is in the Air
Chicken Parmesan
Linguini Pasta
Ceaser Salad
Assorted Cannoli’s

  *Must be ordered for the entire Guest Count*  17 person Minimum

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