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Delivery, Plasticware and China Options

Please Choose One:

(We provide the eating utensils requires to serve any items that you are ordering from us, so if you are providing any items yourself, please make arrangements for any items needed to serve them.)

1. All Disposable: (take out orders as per request)
All food will come on disposable trays and hot food in tin foil pans (no chafers).  Black disposable plates, utensils and napkins are included, and cups if ordering beverages. A disposable paper type table covering  is also included.

**NOW available for your pick up or take out order:  "Catering Crate" a perfect fit for your  aluminum food pans, and includes two insulating pads to keep food hot up to 3 hours with the lid on. Cost is $5.00 each. Take the lid off and serve!

2. Plasticware Service:(Included with NON disposable order)
Our standard package:Chafers if needed, disposable black plates, plastic utensils, serving utensils, paper napkins &  buffet linens.

3. Bamboo- Environmentally Friendly:
Premier caterers is now offering a full line of Green Products. Our plates, bowls and cutlery are produced from 100% sustainable bamboo. $1.75 per person for the main meal service. Buffet linens included.

4. Silver Reflections Boardroom:
Disposable high quality Silver Reflections plastic plates, cutlery and napkins for the main meal service.  $1.75 per person. Buffet linens are included.

5. China VIP:
China dinner and salad plates (if needed), silverware, and white polycotton linen napkins $3.50 per person.  Additional rentals will be charged accordingly. Serving utensils will be provided with each order as well as buffet linens.

Linen Rentals

Additional Linen Rentals (other than buffet)

***Price is for White or Cream Linens.  

Colors and Specialty Fabric Prices will be quoted   

Table Linens are available and will be quoted to your requirement.

6 Foot Rectangle Banquet Table-

114 x 52 inch linen for 6 foot Table- Shows table legs & are not to floor- $5.95

90 x 132 linen  - Linens go to the floor- $19.95 (Minimum Order 10 linens)

 (2) – 85 inch square linens - will take 2 per table, will go to floor but has a split in center- Not good for guest tables.- $5.95 each, requires Two. (Add a runner to hide the split 7.95 )

8 Foot Rectangle Banquet Table Banquet

60 x 120 linen does not go to floor - $9.95 ( Minimum Order 10)

90 x 156  linen goes to floor - $22.95 (Minimum Order 10)

(2) – 85 inch square linens - will take 2 per table, will go to floor but has a split in center. Not good for guest tables.- $5.95 each, requires Two. (Add a runner to hide the split 7.95 )

Round- Table Linen Options- 60 inch or 72 inch

85 inch square- for 60 inch round Table- (Corners Only of tablecloth go to floor on 60 inch tables, but Not on 72 inch tables $ 5.95)

90 inch round - not to floor, shorter on the 72 inch tables.-    $14.95 ( Minimum Order 10 Linens)

120 inch round-  linens will go to the floor of 60 inch table -  $19.95 ( Minimum Order 10 Linens)

132 inch Round –linens will  goes to the floor of 72 inch table- $22.95 ( Minimum Order 10 Linens)

36 inch Cocktail Tables:  High Or Low?

132 Rounds with Tie Sash-  For High Cocktail Tables $26.00 ( Minimum Order 10 Linens)

120 inch Round - For high tables, linens will go to the floor - $19.95 ( Minimum Order 10 Linens)

85 inch squares - Do not go to the floor for High Cocktail tables  $ 5.95

52 inch for low cocktail- not to floor- $5.95

60 inch linen for low cocktail to floor  $7.95

Linen Options for 48 inch tables

85 inch Square Cloth- corners may need knotted. $5.95

 Runners- Good to put down the center of the two 85 inch cloths on a banquet table, or any round tables.-$ 7.95

Overlays-  Will be quoted based on size and fabric Selection

Glassware Rental

Beverage Glasses & Coffee Cups (please tell us what type and how many you will need)  $.40 per glass.

Staffing Options

Why not enjoy your event and let our staff do the work?

Each member of our team has years of experience in their fields.

Bartenders - $25.00-35.00 per hour

Chef On Site - $40.00 per hour

Staff & Servers - $20.00- $30.00 per hour

Bridal or Event Lead Co Coordinator - $30.00 per hour

Liquor liability insurance

Caterers, as well as staffing agencies  carry insurance, but not insurance to cover the serving of liquor at your event. It is your liquor that you are providing to your guests.  We reccomend a one day host liquor license liability policy. Please speak to your insurance agent about it.


Served Meal Services will be quoted

Event Planning and Services

This  service will be priced based on your vision.  Specialty linens, props, decor, etc.  We will make this worth the effort.  Please inquire and one of our specialists will work with you.