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Boxed Meal Offerings

Available with a 72-hour notice Boxed Menu for your staff, drivers, warehouse, shift meal, Factory workers or any group over 15 people

We can split your box choice between 2 or 3 different choices if you would like

Each meal is delivered in microwaveable individual containers with forks and napkins

1. The basic: comes with assorted sandwiches, potato or pasta salad, and a cookie or brownie. 9.50

2. Fried Chicken, coleslaw roll, and butter mini cupcakes. 10.75

3. Entree salad with chicken over lettuces, roll, and butter, fresh fruit. 10.00

4. Herbed Turkey Breast, Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli, rolls, and butter. 11.00

5. Oven Braised Beef, Cheesy Potato Casserole, and our famous Corn Soufflé. 11.00

6. Lasagne, mini meatballs in marinara, grilled vegetable and roll, and butter. 10.50

7. Make your own Soft Shell Beef taco box with Spanish Rice. 10.50

8. Marinated grilled Chicken with bruschetta topping, Pasta, rolls, and green beans almandine. 11.00