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Corporate & Private Event Menus,

The new normal at Premier Caterers

In order to keep everyone safe, we recommend you have disposable rubber gloves at the beginning of a buffet, as well as hand sanitizers placed at multiple places. Please have sanitizer at the beginning of a buffet as well.

Our  menu is available and style of service included: Buffet, Boxed Meals, Served Meals, and Appetizer Menus. Prices may not be accuate because we are writing new menus

There may be some possible  limitations as listed below: 

1. If we can not get an ingriedient or item due to shortages 

2. If the price of a food item fluctuates more than 5% we will contact you and ask for an alternate item or let you know the cost of the increase 

3. It may take us a little extra time to respond to all requests (labor shortage)

4. We need as much notice as possible for changes to your event. FOUR business days for corporate finals and details and 7 business days for night and weekend events (non wedding) 

 Please understand, your business is very important to us, but the world has changed alot  in so many industries and we are confronted with those challanges. 

Thank you for choosing Premier, we are very excited to be working again!

How we Roll at Premier Caterers

Over the last 31 years we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

Our menus (and our approach to catering in general)

are a reflection of why we got into this business in the first place…to bring happiness to our customers.

This means we offer only what we do best in order to ensure a happy outcome.

It wasn’t always this way. In the beginning we tried to be all things to all people and we quickly learned that we can’t do it all.

Over time we’ve narrowed our approach to minimize risks and our clients have loved the results.

We don’t take every event that comes along.

We offer menus that only feature food we love to prepare and thats equally importantly, 

We know what food holds up to the rigorous demands of catered events. 

At Premier Caterers, It’s all about maximizing joy and minimizing risk, one wonderful event at a time.
To remain focused on our food and its presentation, we do not do florals,  entertainment or room decor.

There are companies that are experts in those fields that combined with us, will make your vision a reality.


BBQ Menu

Make your next corporate function or event a barbecue. We use only fresh products and secret recipes. We have BBQ "themed" decor to make your meal complete.  Call today to hold your date. Prices may be higher slightly than shown on the pig menu, as prices have gone up. 


Corporate and Event Menus

These menus are perfect for private parties, corporate functions, banquets, funerals, and fundraisers. Great, freshly made food from our own secret recipes, is what sets us apart. We use the finest ingredients and have one of the most qualified staff in Central Pa.  


Special Offerings

Specials will not start until April 2021

We offer specials as well as chefs soup and dessert of the month. Please check the above!

Same great quality.


December 2020-March 2021 Menus

HOLIDAY and December 2020- March 2021


 (Boxed Meals listed under the Boxed Meal Tab also available)

The holidays are a wonderfully magical time of year. This year's menu is perfect for corporate or social events. Choose one of our suggestions or customize one of your own. This year, let us do the work while you enjoy the holidays.


Bereavement Menu

We are very sorry for your loss. These menus were created to make your planning easier. If these budget-friendly menus are not what you envision, we would be happy to customize a menu for you. 

**Please be advised, the prices posted will be .75 Cents per person more for 2021

Take Out Menu

We are currently only offering our December - March  Menus as well as Boxed Meals

Any menu item can be done for take out / pick up

Need to pick up food?

This menu is a quick and simple way to order.

Same great quality.

*Gratuity: A suggested gratuity will be added to events. This gratuity will be divided among the staff that planned, cooked and executed your party (Bartenders excluded).

You may adjust it if you feel it is too little or too high before the event is over.  It is greatly appreciated.