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Placing an Order Or Requesting a Quote

1. Call or email from our "contact us form" here on our site.

2. Let us know if it is an order or quote.

3. Review the email that we send you. Revise if needed.

4. If this is only a proposal / quote, please call or email and confirm or cancel.

5. We will send updated changes , confirmations and Invoices via email.

We do our best to accommodate last minute orders, and appreciate your order as far in advance as possible.

*Achieving quality means providing excellent service standards.  Part of that service is remaining available to you when you need us.

Department Of Agriculture will not allow food to be eaten or packed up (unless you have ovens that can maintain temperatures), for longer than 4 hours after it has left our kitchen. Please plan accordingly.

You can reach our owner, Stephanie Stence at 717-554-6331 after hours in the event any urgent concerns should arise.

Guest Count

Final guest counts Due-

*Weekday events are due a minimum of 3 days prior to the event.

*Nights and Weekends (non wedding) events are due a minimum of  5 days prior to the event date.

After that date, reasonable increases may be accepted if possible, but due to food, equipment and staffing, decreases will not be accepted. It is our advise that "it is better to have a little extra than not enough"

**We can not split guest count on food items other than desserts. All food counts will be based on your guest count.

*Menus are based on your total guest count given .

*Accurate guest counts are very important for the sucess of your event.

How to Determine the Appropriate Menu for Your Event

We gauge your food quantity by the final guest count and menu that you have given us.

Our portions are generous, but, there are some factors that you may need to consider when giving your final guest count:

1. Buffets, Stations and Appetizers are served in a buffet style, and should not be considered all you can eat.

2. Length of time you would like the food available.

3. How many times you would like your guests to go back for seconds or thirds?

4. Do you have a group that may be heartier eaters than a standard meal?

5. Allowing Guests to go back to the buffet or station before all guests have gone once.

Ordering appropriate food items and quantity for the  timeline / length of your event, type of guests that will be invited, and time of day, will help make your party a raving success!!!

Catering Minimum Counts

Your Proposal may have a minimum that will be noted on your order event. Please read your details.
Deliveries before 8:30 am or after 7:30 pm will be subject to additional delivery fees.

BREAKFAST : 8:30 am - 10:30am
Monday – Friday Breakfasts
Breakfast & Breaks - 25* guest Minimum, we do not cater beverages only.
*Continental Breakfast (NOT Hot)  minimum guest count may be lowered to 20 guests,  if a lunch is also ordered for 20 or more on the same day
Saturday Breakfasts-  40 person minimum and *$450.00 in food

Lunch -10:00am-2:30 pm
Monday – Friday Lunch 15 person Minimum and $175.00 in food.  EXCEPTION: Boxed lunches
Lunch specials - Monday-Friday 17 person Minimum
Boxed Lunches- 10 guests  Monday - Friday
Saturday Lunch 11:00pm-2:00 pm  35 person with *$400.00 in food only.

*Food dollar amount minimums do not include staffing, delivery, beverages, or china or rentals. (**Proposals may have minimum requirements that will be noted)

Appetizers** Minimum see exception   May require a server to stay
Unfortunately, we do not cater appetizer only events
between 4:30 pm & 6:45 pm unless you choose  a minimum of 7 items (Can be a mix of both hot and cold selections)
Appetizer Exception:  An "Open House" style party  for no longer than 2 Hours.
Monday-Thursday- 17 people (unless package chosen has a minimum)
Fridays-  25 people  and a 350.00 food minimum
Saturdays-  35 people and a 400.00 food minimum

Dinners - 2:30pm-7:30pm
May require a staff member to stay.
Monday – Thursday Dinner  17 person Minimum
Friday Dinner - 20 person Minimum and $350.00 in food only
Saturday Dinner- 35 person Minimum and $500.00 in food only

Sundays  $900.00 ($1200.00 on holiday weekends) Food Minimum (excluding staffing, deliveries, rentals or beverage) Plus the requirement of a Staff member.

Pick up and Take Out Order-
No Minimum Please ask for time availability

Set-up and Return Pick-Up

Delivery- Scheduled within a thirty minute window. We will do our very best to get as close to your request as possible.

Start time - Please give us only the time that you want to start eating so that we can plan accoringly.

Evening & Weekend Pick Up*- will be picked up on our next business day. If our items from the event can not be locked in a secure area until the next business day, we may require a staff* member stay at your event.

Returns for weekday pick-ups- will begin at approximately 1 & 1/2 hours after your start time, and is based on our schedule. Breakfasts are usually picked up after lunch, or sooner if our logistics permits.  We cannot guarantee a time for pick-up as it changes based on our schedule. Normally, all pick-ups are completed before 3:00pm.

Later return pick up or return for misplaced items: We reserve the right to charge an extended delivery fee if you require a later pick-up or if we need to return for items that were taken from our set up area and not returned by the time of our pick up.

"Left Overs" Due to Health regulations- we can not pack up leftovers for you. If you would like to keep them, please have them packed up and moved into your refridgerator before we return to clean up. You are assuming all responsibility for the food safety. Please use your educated judgement when saving left over food.

Picking Up Your Order at Our Kitchen

If you wish to pick up your order, our staff will assit you with packing and loading your vehicle.  All orders will be packaged in foil pans.  Insulated heat bags will NOT be provided.  Any service and delivery charge will be waived. You will only be charged for disposable serviceware if needed.  Orders can be picked up at: 17 South 35th Street Camp Hill, PA 17011.