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Tastings, Centerpieces, Favors, Reception Site Requirements, Stations and Served Meals

Tasting if required
Our food is excellent and should be judged on our food reviews and not a “one time” tasting.  Any caterer can make one plate at a tasting that may be good, but it is the food that is served to prior weddings and events  that should be important. (food reviews as well as venue manager opinions.)
Our Tasting schedule availability is Monday through Friday 8am-4:00pm.
Saturdays are days that we reserve to focus on our bride that day.  We do not schedule tastings as it can be distracting for our staff . We are sure, on your wedding day, you will appreciate our 100 % attention.
Our chef will also be here to answer any  food questions you may have.  It takes less than 1 hour, so it can fit into a lunch hour. A tasting will be prepared for up to 4 guests, & can be your choice of a chicken dish and the chefs selection of side dishes.
Because we make all of our food from scratch and farm fresh, chicken is the only item that we can prepare on a small quantity.

 ***If you would like a tasting dinner  there will be a $100.00 fee . We can bill this to a credit card when you  schedule the tasting date.

RECEPTION SITE REQUIREMENTS (Closing & removal of trash)
 If a site requires you to close and remove trash after your wedding, we will need to know that.  
If you are having us schedule a bartender for your reception, that bartender will close and take the trash away for you. If not, we may need to charge a facility closing fee, or schedule a staff member to close your venue.

Packages are priced for catering staff (excluding bartenders) for a 4 to 5 hour period. If you would like them for a longer time period, it will be quoted. Please let us know.

Any meal can be served , family style or even butler served.  Please ask and will be happy to provide a quote.

Nacho, Asian, Mini Foods, and Salad Tini stations are just to name a few. We have many creative options and can work with you to create what you envision.
Please Inquire, some examples are listed under our corporate and BBQ menus.

We can create any package you can think up! We can be very creative.

 Centerpieces and Favor Set Up
Currently, Premier does not offer centerpieces or favors. We would be happy to schedule a staff member to help you set up table centerpieces and favors. The cost is 25.00 per hour and can be scheduled to your needs. Please inquire.