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Bar and Bartender Options

BARTENDERS:  Bartenders are subcontracted and are available for $40.00 per hour and need a 1 ½ hour set up (if chilling beer & wine) and a ½ hour tear down time, with tip jars.  *If no tip jars allowed, $50 per hour. ***The bartender(s)  are to be paid at the end of your wedding, with cash or a check written to them.

Bar Set UP : If you are having more than one bar at a facility, please divide up all of your liquor (and bar supplies if you are providing them) between those bars. Please do NOT just drop at one site or bar, those items will need to be placed where they will be served from.  The bartenders do not have the time or physical ability to move kegs, cases of beer ect... from one bar site to another while getting ready and serving your guests.

Bar Mixers: You can provide your own cups, napkins, soda's, mixers & ice if you would like. Otherwise we offer the below bar options:
Bar Mixer Package: Includes plastic cups, lemons, limes, cocktail napkins, stirrers, OJ, pineapple, grapefruit & cranberry juices, and club soda & tonic water. $2.95 per person (Only available if we schedule a bartender for you)

Sodas (2 liter Style)   $1.50 per person- but is included in many of our packages. If you provide your own, you will need cups, napkins and ice.

Glassware Rental:
Wine Glasses $.40 per glass (Only available if we schedule a bartender for you)
Other Glassware for a Bar- Please contact your local rental company, they will deliver and pick up what you may need.
Champagne Glass $.50 each   (can be pre set on guest tables)  

Ice Delivery for Bar: (If reception site does NOT have a Ice Machine) For large volume bars is $.75  per person and we will bring the ice bowls.
(Only available if we schedule a bartender for you)
Liquor Liability Disclaimer: You are purchasing the alcohol for your guests at your event. Catering insurance will not cover your liquor liability in the event of a liquor related issue. This is also true of employment agencies. We strongly recommend that you take out a one time host liquor liability policy for your protection. Please ask your insurance agent.