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Planning Guidelines

Every caterer has their own unique approach to planning your reception.

Here, at Premier, we have a system that incorporates all the information that we need to make your
reception exactly how you envision it.

Step 1:  First Contact and Proposal
Our menus are posted online. Read them over. When you are ready, email us and we will create a proposal outlining each of the services and menu thoughts, with costs calculated individually as well as an overall cost analysis: we provide clear, concise pricing with no hidden fees. This will give you the opportunity to add or subtract as your budget requires.The proposal will give you the big picture and a starting point for planning.  Custom items and changes are always an option. In order to give you an accurate proposal, click on our "Wedding Contact Us" on our home page. Fill out as much as you can right now. Then send it to us. We will prepare a "no commitment" proposal

Step 2:  Consultation Confirmation and Deposit
We don’t expect you to know all the questions and answers -- we're there to guide you through the details and plans.  It is best to schedule this during regular office hours, which are  Monday-Friday 8am- 4:30 p.m. Saturdays are days that we reserve to focus on our bride that day.  We do not schedule tastings as it can be distracting for our staff . We are sure, on your wedding day, you will appreciate our 100 %  attention. This step is when we ask you to pay the 400.00 deposit. This deposit secures the date, and is held for any additional staffing hours  or damages to catering supplies that could happen. Your final menu changes and details will be an ongoing process. This deposit will be returned after your wedding.

Tasting,  if requested, (The cost is $100.00 for up to four guests)  POSTPONED Until September  2021 Due to Covid
Tastings are scheduled between 8am - 4:30 pm. Monday  through  Friday . A tasting will be prepared for up to 4 guests, and can be your choice of a chicken dish that we will served with the chefs selection of side dishes. (We are unable to sample many of our other type of  entrees due to the fact that we can not prepare them for small numbers.) Our chef will also be here to answer any  food questions you may have. We need to do tasting's when one of our Chefs is here. We schedule you for 30 minutes so it can fit into a lunch hour. Saturdays are days that we reserve to focus on our bride that day.  We do not schedule tastings as it can be distracting for our staff . We are sure, on your wedding day, you will appreciate our 100 %  attention.  We can bill this to a credit card when you  schedule the tasting date.  

Between Step 2 & 3: (once a month) Once a month, if you have  questions, changes or concerns, please call or email them to us. We will change them on your event so that it is updated. This keeps all of your ideas and thoughts on paper for you. It will give you peace of mind as you are planning. We do this only once a month to avoid confusion for us both.  

Step 3:  Finalization of Details Due:  14 Business days prior to your event.

This is a very important step. This is the final step to locking in your guest count,  time line, floor plan, linen requirements, bar details, and any last minute menu changes. Because of ordering, scheduling of staff, and event preparation, this is the last time that any changes may happen.

In Order to make your day exactly the way you envision it, we will need the following:

(We have a form that you can click and fill out)
1. A final floor plan diagram,
2. Your final guest count including yourselves
3. The bar and  bartender information sheet outlining your requirements and any other pertinent information related to the bar.
This can be done in person or over the phone. You will get a final ending order reflecting your details.

FINAL Payment- Due a minimum of 7 days before. (Monday- Friday 8:30am-4:30pm)
Cash (ask about a discount), Cashier’s Check, Certified Check or Money Order ONLY .  NO PERSONAL CHECKS 

On the day of your event, we will have a lead person to confirm everything is in place, properly set up and runs smoothly. Our lead staff will be on hand to ensure the details come together seamlessly, and any last-minute or unexpected needs are addressed.
Meanwhile, our professional wait staff and bartenders will provide individual guest attention, and maintain food and beverage supplies.

Would you like a Reception Day helper*? This helper can put out favors, centerpieces ,help decorate, or any other needs you may have on your day. They will be directed by you , via a list. (Paid 300.00  for up to 6 hours the day of your event directly to your bridal expert) *For some venues this is a mandatory requirement due to requirements needed.

All prices are per person, plus a 6% sales tax.  All prices are subject to  increases in the event of market conditions which can cause  increases in food costs or labor costs due to market conditions that are out of our control. 

CANCELLATION & REFUNDS & Market Flucuations 
Because we are holding and scheduling your event date, we do not offer refunds. (with the exception of Military activation or death).

We reserve the right to adjust any proposal or order if there was a mistake, or increase due to market flucuations 

If a site requires us to stay and close after your wedding, and you have chosen to use  one of the bartending services we offer, the bartender will close the site.  We may also  need to charge a facility closing fee to close facility and trash removal depending on your sites requirements. 

Bar Options:     
BARTENDERS *(please see Q& A's on liability below)Bartenders are subcontracted and are available for $50.00 per hour and need a 1 ½ hour set up (if chilling beer & wine) and a ½ hour tear down time, with tip jars.  *If no tip jars allowed, $60 per hour.
Bar Mixers: You can provide your own cups, napkins, mixers & ice if you would like  
Bar Mixer Package: Includes plastic cups, lemons, limes, cocktail napkins, stirrers, OJ, pineapple, grapefruit & cranberry juices, and club soda & tonic water. $2.95
Sodas (2 liter Style)  is an option in many of our packages. $1.50 unlimited at the Bar
Wine Glasses  $.40 per glass
Champagne Glass $.50 each     
Ice Delivery for Bar: (If reception site does NOT have a Ice Machine) is $.75  per person and we will bring the ice bowls.

***You may also provide your own plastic ware
China Cake Service - plate, silver fork & napkin  $1.50 per person
Plastic Cake Service - plate, fork & napkin $ .50 per person
Option for "Served Cake"  $50.00
**We will cut and plate your wedding cake at no additional charge on your plastic ware and put it back on the cake table for your guests to help themselves.

Please ask, we can serve most menus and will be happy to provide a quote.

We have many creative options. Please Inquire

Event Design and Decor
This  service will be priced based on your vision.  Specialty linens, props, decor, etc.  We will make this worth the effort.  Please inquire and one of our specialists will work with you. 

We can create any package you can think up!

Q & A's

Question:  Why can’t I change my count after the final deadline without incurring fees?
Answer:  We begin staffing and ordering for your event 9 days prior to your date.

Question:  Can I expect to feed more people than the final count that I have given?
Answer:  Your function is based on the count you’ve given.  Linens, food,  utensils, seats, staff are all based on that number. Unexpected increases can throw off the balance of not only the food, but quality of service that you will be expecting.  Please remember to include all guests, DJs, photographers, clergy and yourselves!

Question:  What happens to the leftover food at a wedding?
Answer:  A big question filled with emotion!  In general, health departments will not let caterers give large amounts of food to customers or guests.  Remember, you were not paying to serve an amount of food…you are paying to feed a certain number of people.  The caterer owns the extra food and always sends extra because they can’t predict how much a particular group will consume at an event.
Question: Can I bring my own food to the reception?
Answer: Due to insurance liability issue, we do not allow any other food. You may provide your own wedding cake or dry snacks, but you will need to make arrangements for any serving utensils.

Question: Do You Serve The Head Table?
Answer:  Yes we do on most packages.

Question : Does the caterer have liquor liability insurance insurance to cover my wedding?
Answer: Caterers, as well as staffing agencies  carry insurance, but not insurance to cover the serving of liquor at your event. It is your liquor that you are providing to your guests.  We reccomend a one day host liquor license liability policy. Please speak to your insurance agent about it.

Beverages - if not included in a package

All beverages will come with plastic cups and ice if required.

  • Hot Coffee/Tea Service        $2.50 per person
  • Iced Tea and Lemonade      $1.50/person
  • Punch in Punch Bowl           $1.75/person
  • 2 Liter Sodas                         $1.50/person (unlimited at the Bar)
  • Can Sodas & Water              $1.50 ea.
  • Bottled Water                       $1.50 ea.
  • Ice For a Bar                         $.75
  • Bar: Cups and juices, tonic, club soda, cocktail napkins, Stireres, lemons limes and juice $2.95

*See bar for bar items under Options