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Tips on how to choose a Caterer-

Catering- A luxury worth hiring the right company

This can be a difficult decision, but we have put together a list of helpful tips.

1) Never pick the caterer based on the lowest pricing-
Just like different restaurants, all foods are not equal. Quality, freshness and ingredients can be quite different from one caterer to the next.  A burger at a fast food chain can be quite different than a fine dining establishment.

You need to know and understand the quality level of your caterer.  Price will always be higher with higher quality foods. Ask questions.


2) High level of Service and Staff-
What experience does the caterer staff have?

How long has the Chef been cooking? Do the Chefs have food service degrees? How long has the set up staff and other key staff been with your company? This will help you to understand what you are paying for and avoid amateur caterer mistakes.

 3) Proven Catering Systems in Place-
Even though each event is unique, does the caterer have systems in place to prevent mistakes or misunderstandings?

You may not know everything that your caterer needs to know to make your event perfect, but it is the caterer systems for acquiring this information, from you, that is very important.

 4) Pictures, References and Reviews-
Is there a list of reviews posted on their web site? Do you know any family or friends that have eaten their food?

Do they have everyday type of pictures of food and functions that are not staged for a “photo shoot”? Seeing real everyday pictures is very helpful.

 5) Always hire professionals that have all licenses, insurances and health safety-
Legitimate caterers will have all legal requirements and will be happy to provide them to you. Hiring a person that does not have these legal requirements, can cause you costly legal, health and safety issues.

6) “Catering Companies” focus on catering-
Caterers generally do not have other business to distract them from their mission, which is to cater for you.  Their commitment is to catering.